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Barry Schwartz SEO hero Barry Schwartz is the head of the American company RustyBrick, located in New York that deals with web technologies. It aims at the increasing sales and maximum cost reduction.

Some facts from biography

In 2002, the future SEO specialist graduated with honors. During his studies, he won several prestigious awards. Today New York is the city where he lives with his family.

Professional activity

Among his key professional achievements it is important to note the following ones:

  • he is the creator of the Search Engine Roundtable – one of the most widely-known blogs on SEO topics. There are a lot of interesting and useful articles, the forum where the most topical issues in the sphere of the search engine are discussed. Its content is constantly updated. Schwartz founded this site in 2003 and this project has received many awards since then;
  • he participates in many conferences on search marketing and SEO strategies;
  • he moderates many SEO forums and is always aware of the latest news and changes in this field;
  • Barry is known to be the editor of Danny Sullivan's Search Engine Land;
  • he is an advisor to various Internet firms, such as Google, Yahoo, and others;
  • his interviews often appear in Forbes, New York Times and other famous publications;
  • his articles can be found on many online resources;
  • he is a frequent guest at television studios;
  • Schwartz has a great number of followers in social nets.

Barry is a specialist of the highest class with more than 10 years of experience in the field of marketing and SEO optimization.

RustyBrick, Inc. in the life of Schwartz

This web development company was created by the Schwarz brothers. The idea appeared while Barry was studying in high school. Ronnie deals with technical moments whereas Barry is responsible for the business side of the issue. RustyBrick deals with the sales of software, such as advanced developments in the field of e-commerce, content management systems, modern CRM application and iPhone apps, offers special programs for improving business and many other things. All these products help to optimize the business process and workflow and make them automated. Moreover, the company is experienced in the sphere of the websites potential increasing and design projects.
Barry is a real SEO hero who achieved success due to his rich experience and profound knowledge in this field. He is known around the world as a highly qualified SEO expert.

Video - Barry Schwartz: Google Algorithm Update, Snippets Bug, AI, AMP, AdSense & AdWords

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