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Brian Dean SEO hero Brian Dean is known how as a creator and director of the blog dedicated to SEO optimization. The purpose of this course is to explain to the marketers how to use certain strategies to increase the number of clients, traffic and profits.

How did everything begin?

Brian worked as a dietitian. The book “Four Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferris influenced his professional activity and his life, on the whole a lot. It was 2009. Since then he is seriously interested in SEO technologies.
It was no so easy. It took him 2 years to make SEO his favorite activity that brings income and moral satisfaction. Dean started his own blog and has developed effective strategies that will help to get more traffic and to make business in any industry more successful. His blog is visited by more than 100 thousand people monthly. the pet project of the great SEO specialist

Brian created the project to help those who have basic knowledge about SEO to raise to a new level. In this blog, he shares his exclusive advice and SEO secrets. The background to the creation of the website is the following:

  • Brian was a freelancer for several years. He dealt with writing. At first, he was not successful in SEO but the desire to reach success in this field did the trick;
  • when he was fully focused on SEO strategies, he gradually dealt with all the nuances. Since that time he continues to improve in this area;
  • later Brian had the idea to create his own website. He saw that there are many blogs on SEO topic, but they did not provide that fullness of information which is necessary for quality work. The main purpose of the project is to help the beginning professionals with practical tips that they will successfully combine with their theoretical knowledge. is now one of the most popular resources where you can get so much valuable information about SEO technologies as possible. All this is explained quite simply: all the materials he publishes really work. You use it and get more traffic, more customers, and more profit.
Brian Dean can be considered a real SEO hero of the world level. Everything that he achieved was due to his perseverance and constant work. Thus he managed to get more subscribers, traffic and, consequently, significantly increase his income. Today he lives in the capital of Germany, Berlin with his girlfriend. He continues to consult clients from all over the world to improve their business.

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