Bruce Clay: history of a SEO hero

Bruce Clay SEO hero Speaking of pioneers of SEO, people always mention one name: Bruce Clay. He is the president and the founder of Bruce Clay Inc. and a true SEO hero. His firm was one of a few first companies engaged in SEO consulting services.

Bruce Clay (BS in computer science and MBA) had a career as a developer and an executive by many high tech companies, before he started in 1996 his own business. Only few people in nineties thought of SEO seriously. What we now call search engine optimization had in 1996 many different names. Bruce imagined he would have a nice little firm with eight SEO specialists at most. But his business grew up rapidly: 8 employees became twelve, then twenty and finally Bruce Clay Inc. has established as an international company with one hundred and fourteen employees in 4 countries.

Website optimizing in nineties meant actually only page editing. Links weren't included in search engine algorithms, so the web developers didn't spend much time on link optimization. At the time the most popular search engine was Infoseek. The main objective of Clay and other SEO specialists was to get the website as quickly as possible on the Infoseek's index.

The website on the top of Infoseek ranked everywhere and the company of Bruce become famous for its revolutionary methods to get the pages to the very top of search engines. Clay created in 2001 a famous SEO relationship chart. It's still well known today, although the chart contains some out-of-date information like military domain name (.mil).

Bruce Clay was a speaker at about hundred search conferences and sessions, including the very first one in 1999. His reference guide “Search Engine Optimization All-in-One For Dummies” is a must-read for all SEO specialists. His other book, "Content Marketing Strategies for Professionals", is helping to attract as many consumers as possible with the tools of content Marketing and SEO.

As a co-developer of many certification and SEO training, major diagnostic SEOToolSet® and SEO Code of Ethics, Bruce Clay was awarded in 2013 by the History of SEO board with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Clay recommends SEO new-comers not to start their own business at the very beginning. It's always better to start working at an already established firm, make experience, listen, attend and experiment with many sites, including the own page. The career of Bruce Clay is certainly not over, he, as a true SEO hero, has big influence on the whole SEO industry.

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