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Danny Sullivan SEO hero Danny Sullivan is a former Los Angeles Times reporter who was born in California. He graduated from university there and started a career in journalism.

After his study "A Webmaster's Guide To Search Engines", in Spring of 1996, he founded his own "Search Engine Watch". It is a website filled with useful information about search results. The website was so successful that Danny sold it but kept his role as a chief editor. Later on it was sold for $43 million.

Danny Sullivan is one of the SEO specialists who started to take interest in the search engines when they’ve only started developing. He developed a system for website optimization. He’s also an author of one of the first books on the subject of SEO.

His appearance on various conferences attracts dozens of new attendees, multiplying it by many times.

Sullivan can be called a blogger whose determination and willing to spread the information as wide as possible brought him to a top of the world, so to speak.

Nowadays he occasionally works as a consultant, is in charge of a Search Marketing Expo conference series and runs a website Search Engine Land. It was founded in 2006 when Sullivan sold his first project.

Sullivan was one of the first people that believed SEO is a concept that should be based on search algorithm.

Danny was among the first who noticed what made the site attractive for a search engine and suggested that its attention be brought artificially. So he came up with an idea of a deliberate promotion of a site in search engines.

In 2010 the SEO hero gave Bill Gates some free tips to promote his blog. It is expected that through these tips Gates’ site will appear above counterfeiting sites in Google search results. Thus it will be easier to find.

Sullivan pointed out that each page of the site has the same title, regardless of content. This reduces the value of the analysis of the content by search engines. In addition, he proposed to place a link to the blog on the site of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

According to the optimizer, the situation with the blog of Bill Gates is similar to the story of the official Google blog, which appears sixth on th request "[google blog]", and the first place was occupied by unofficial blog. Once Google has improved the visibility of the resource for their own search engine, the issuance of this request has come back to normal.

Bill Gates started a blog called The Gates Notes. There he shares his thoughts, publishes materials on his travels, answers questions and puts various open letters.

Video - Interview with Danny Sullivan - Whiteboard Friday

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