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Eric Ward SEO hero Nearly two thousand websites gained fame and success thanks to this man. He is a true SEO Hero, who helps those in need of advice. He started his career as a link builder back when the first search engines for Web have just begun working automatically – in 1994. Prior to that year web catalogs had to be filled manually. In only one year his link building abilities were acknowledged, and he won an Award in Internet Marketing. Now he takes his place at the Olympus of SEO among 24 other world-known link builders. He is behind the debut of well-known online shops and channels, like Amazon and Discovery.

Eric Ward is a popular speaker. He is invited at major marketing conferences every year. He writes books and articles. His newsletters are sent to subscribers signed by the nickname Link Moses. Subscribers can read about linking strategies and good practices. They say that even if printed in gold leaves, his newsletter will value more than it’s weight. His Twitter seems a bit abandoned. The last photos were uploaded about a year ago and we know that the first thing everybody checks on that social platform is photos collection or "Media".

He is a legit American family guy. He rises three children and with the help of his loving wife and a dog. His fatherly nature extends to sharing his knowledge and teaching young optimizers at numerous workshops and webinars. Almost four hundred of his articles are free to read.

He says that building links is an intellectual job, so a machine will never be able to do it as good as human SEO specialist. Manual link building is still alive. Successful optimization strategy involves not only updating the site’s design, but also contacting people who would be interested in services provided by it. Even such uncommon method as direct communication with owners of the other site – face-to-face or by phone – can promote your company. Ward’s principle says that Internet will always be a way to connect people, and machines will never play the main role in it. Only by building a stable presence in the Web you can be safe and sure that your rank will grow among both users and engines.

Such heroes as Eric have influenced the mentality of our generation. His articles may seem to contain obvious statements, like “write for people, not for robots”, but they are obvious for the reason that the professionals have already been using those marketing principles for a long time.

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