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Matt Cutts SEO hero Matt (the full name is Matthew) Cutts is a software engineer from the United States. He is also considered to be one of the most important specialists in the field of search technologies.


Matt studied in high school in Kentucky. He also got there a bachelor’s degree in computer science and mathematics. It happened in 1995. Then he continued his education by receiving the Master of Science degree in North California.

Professional achievements

His career began with working on the doctoral thesis in the University of North California. His later professional achievements of the SEO specialist were the following:

  • in 2000 he started working for Google as a programmer engineer;
  • by the year 2007, Matt began to specialize in the field of search engine technologies;
  • Cutts dealt with SafeSearch and the ads engineering group;
  • he is known as the designer of Google's family filter that aimed at the blocking of the unwanted Internet materials;
  • Cutts is the co-designer of search engines and web spam Google patent;
  • he organized a special contest to stimulate the developers of Microsoft Kinect to increase its compatibility with the operation system Linux.

In 2015 the Google Company declared that the Matt’s post of the head of the web spam team was transferred to another person. Cutts also has several patents related to his work – search engines and web spam. He has developed a special program to fight spam in the search engine of Google Penguin 2.0. In 2005 Matt opens his own blog that helps to make the search process more efficient. The site is very popular among the users.

Matt Cutts managed to create the hundreds of video lessons in which he tried to answer questions about SEO which are very interesting and important to professional webmasters and ordinary users. New information that is necessary for many SEO specialists and deals with the most complex issues constantly appears in this blog.

Videos by Cutts sometimes just deny the information that emerges in the Internet space, but is totally unsubstantiated – it is just the personal experience of individual SEO optimizers. It can be said that part of the video from Matt Cutts is the destruction of many myths about SEO. A separate series of lessons is video tutorials about new apps and software for Google.

The SEO hero Matt Cutts is widely known in SEO circles. He is always ready to answer the most topical questions of webmasters and to explain the features of Google in his videos and posts.

Video - Matt Cutts: How Google Search Works

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