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Neil Patel SEO hero Neil Patel is a specialist global scale, a successful marketer and techno-entrepreneur. In his 30 years, he is the founder of such well-known services, as QuickSprout, Kissmetrics, CrazyEgg, Hello Bar. He willingly shares with others the secrets of his success.
He is the author of the projects devoted to web analytics and the increasing the online sales. He invests his own funds in startups, leads the author's blog and master classes, where he shares practical tips and valuable strategies for success. He admits that in the way of his professional development he have made a lot of mistakes, which cost him millions of dollars.

The history of Patel’s success as a SEO specialist

Before to become the qualified professional in the field of SEO, Neil has come a long way:

  • he founded his first business at the age of 15. It was the online job board. His main target that time was to earn as much money as possible. This attempt was not successful but he understood the main thing that fundamentally changed his attitude to business. Getting money should not be the primary. Otherwise, a quick failure in any business is guaranteed. You should do what you really like. It is the way to success;
  • his next step was working in a company that specializes in SEO consulting with Hiten Shah. This project was quite prospering;
  • encouraged by big achievements, they decided to try to create their own product – Crazy Egg. The goal of this service was to track the scrolling of visitors to the web site and do visual analytics. This instrument enjoyed great popularity. However, the founders had made a huge mistake, as Neil claims. The introduction of fee-paying has drastically reduced the number of users and the popularity of the service as a whole. Neil on his experience convinced that SaaS is the way to success and development of any business;
  • KISSmetrics analytic service was the second joint project of Hiten and Neil. It promoted business through content marketing. Here you can read the best articles about SEO.

Today Neil works in several companies, constantly consults people and invests in new projects. He also actively maintains his own blog; his posts appear at least 8 times a week. His secret lies in proper organization of time. He uses the basic issues of time management and develops useful habits to be always on time.

SEO hero Neil Patel states that in order to succeed in any industry you must be fond of this case, not to dismiss any of your competitors, continuously improve your knowledge not only in your professional sphere but in the field of marketing and SEO as well to attract new clients.

Video - How To Generate 195,013 Visitors a Month Without Spending a Dollar on Ads with Neil Patel

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