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Rand Fishkin SEO hero Rand Fishkin is a famous SEO specialist who created a successful website and a blog full of handy internet marketing tips.

Fishkin was born in 1979 in the city of Seattle where his company is situated nowadays.
Rand studied finances at university but have never graduated it. He decided to spend his time working as a marketing consultant also collecting SEO related material. He has worked as a consultant and tested the banks and lawyer firm’s websites usability up until 2004. He also designed some web sites which influenced his further focus on the aesthetic part of web developing.

His website is highly popular in a professional marketing field.

Rand is a humble and honest person who likes to share his knowledge with the world. His articles and books are valued and studied as the most high impact materials on the subject.

At first marketing wasn’t even fully his main tool of promoting. He still recommends paying more attention to the details and to the content of the site. He encourages every website owner to fill in only useful and honest data for users to come back and have more trust in your website.

Fishkin’s blog has tons of subscribers, number of which increases after every particularly interesting update (About 60–80 thousands per day as opposed to the usual amount of 15–16).

Rand often appears on big SEO events to share his experience with any specialist in need. He also has some free access webinars. He even included basic SEO information videos for the beginners.

He believes that internet marketing will soon be highly impacted by the social media marketing in a way that it will create a whole new branch.

His latest videos even include his thoughts about pages of the company being on a social media. It may also be more important than a content of the site. Of course it is still very important to invest into quality content but not as much as it had been before social media became more relevant for the SEO.

The SEO hero is quite fond of twitter and has a lot of followers there. His wife is also a micro-blogger. He follows her on Twitter and also reads her blogs about copywriting and travelling.

Such platforms as Facebook aren’t as cherished by him. Maybe it’s the essence of Twitter that captivate him so much: thoughts put into sharp and informative sentences. After all, he has built an entire universe on it.

Video from INBOUND 2016 - Rand Fishkin: How to keep up with Google

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