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Scott Levy SEO hero Scott Levy is a marketing consultant and a published writer. He creates articles about social media marketing campaigns and analyzes what is wrong with the world of web promotion. His "Fuel Online" company has a wide range of professional directions. They can consult people on the ways of SEO optimization and keeping their social media in order.

A SEO specialist Levy writes sizzling hot articles for Forbes and Enterpreneur. There appeared his advices for a famous social network "Twitter" which has been having a number of major issues for several years straight.

Levy himself is a huge twitter-enthusiast and has about 300k+ followers hanging on every word he tweets. Speaking of — he published a book called "Tweet Naked" which describes a process of becoming a successful blogger as attending a party.

Couple of years ago Scott made a post about how Twitter should make some changes. Especially about the best tweets to be pinned on top. He also recommended the website to "lower the noise" a bit and make conversations that user couldn’t care less about disappear from their timeline. Some of this changes have been made and a social network became lighter and easier to use.

He also suggests Big Bad Corporations to be transparent and make followers believe they’re talking to real people behind the userpic with a company logo on it. Make jokes, post photos, complain a little — you’re just an ordinary guy next door. People will engage with you faster and keep reading your posts and sharing them instead of unsubscribing out of desperation.

The website of his agency describes digital marketing as "investment" into the future of the company.
Scott Levy is called "the top influencer" in so many ways because he has a great impact on the industry of web marketing and is also a pioneer of the business – he’s been doing his job for almost 19 years.

The SEO hero encourages marketing specialists not to build their campaigns based on plain advertising. He compares it with shouting at random strangers’ faces: why should they care about the product or services provided by your company if your posts consist only of not-so-subtle demands and "offers".

Mr. Levy suggests everybody should make their social media page entertaining and tasteful. People shouldn’t feel like they are wasting their time on it. (Well, maybe a little, if it’s just too much fun). The thing is — they shouldn’t be bored no matter what you are trying to broadcast.

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